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EDM/DJ/Producer Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)

EDM/DJ/Producers are among the most misunderstood and under appreciated musicians on the planet.

You take the creations of others and see possibility where their creativity stopped. Beats, rhythms, hooks, melodies, and samples that have stalled under other artists are given new life with you. EDM artists and DJs hear possibility where others hear completion, creating new and cutting edge music that speaks to its audience in a primal and intrinsic way. EDM artists and DJs are musical psychiatrists – reading, understanding, and interpreting their audience to create an experience that speaks to their very core. If EDM artists and DJs are musical psychiatrists, producers are musical architects - embracing the building materials from other artists and creating a stronger and more beautiful product at the end of the day. Producers take the work of other musicians and elevate them to a higher level, helping the artists unleash and realize their work's fullest potential.

Both EDM artists, DJs, and producers are well versed in the world of electronic communication, and as such, should be represented by an impressive and memorable Electronic Press Kit. From clubs to music studios or potential collaborators, a quality musician press kit created with our EPK Maker will ensure your work reaches the right audience and musical partners. Hundreds of thousands of potential audience members, studio executives, and talented artists await – and creating your Electronic Press Kit with our EPK Builder is your fastest way to connect with them.