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Folk/Country Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)

Country music is the art of storytelling – weaving an intricate tapestry of words to deliver a meaningful and heartfelt message that every listener can relate to. Folk and country music, more than any other genre of music, melds together rich harmonies and honest lyrics in a way that unleashes the full range of human emotion. From heartbreak to hope. Being in love or dealing with infidelity. Country and folk music has the ability to unlock the heart of every listener, whether they are a callused blue collar worker to corporate fat-cat.

In order to tell your country and folk story, however, you need to find your audience. There is no better way to connect with your potential audience than with an Electronic Press Kit, or EPK. While country music artists could once rely on just a band press kit or musician press kit, the modern talent scouting and hiring agency works exclusively with EPKs – and so should you. Your story is ready to be told, and utilizing our EPK Builder can find the country and folk music audience you need to get that message out there.

  • PeterHans

    The Swiss/Austrian/German trio "PeterHans" have found their very own definition of folk music; blending musical [...]
  • KRAPbiekas

    KRAPbiekas is een regionale band. Het repertoire bestaat uit bekende, goed in het gehoor liggende rock/pop en folksongs, [...]
  • The Endless Mountain Derelicts

    A five piece band birthed out of the Finger Lakes, The Endless Mountain Derelicts have been actively playing breweries, bars, [...]
  • All Knowing McGill

    All Knowing McGill is an original band based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Craig started writing songs while in college but rarely [...]
  • Maxwell Quartet

    1st Prizewinner and Audience Prizewinner at the 9th Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition in 2017, and hailed as [...]