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Pop Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)

Fun. Infectious. Exciting.

While based off the abbreviation for "Popular Music", pop music has become a specific genre all to itself, transcending simple popularity and creating its own specific sound, vibe, and audience. The perfect blend of marketing genius, clever songwriting, and brilliant production, pop music remains the single most profitable and successful genre of music worldwide. Creating fun or relatable lyrics alongside catchy and infectious melodies, pop music has experienced several evolutions throughout the decades, but has never waned in its immense popularity or profitability.

Among the most competitive of all music genres due in large part to its mass appeal and huge revenue potentials, pop music artists need to be savvy and business minded beyond the bubblegum lyrics and hooks they write. Using our EPK Maker, we are able to help burgeoning artists grow their brand and capture the attention of industry leaders or producers prepared to take their band to the next level. Creating riveting and contagious pop music can be as exciting as it is profitable, and a quality Electronic Press Kit is the next step on the pathway to pop culture greatness.