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Rock Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)


    Besides was established in 2011 in Brzeszcze, PL. In just 3 years it became one of the most popular bands on the Polish [...]
  • Anthems In Ashes

    Anthems In Ashes is a four piece hard rock band brought together by their love of music that is both heavy and high energy. [...]
  • Koro Fyah Music

    KORO FYAH A son of the creatively-inclined island of Jamaica, Shane “Koro Fyah” Dixon has embraced his mission to leave an [...]
  • S.A.T (Sitting At the Throne)

    Torn apart at young age, these two brothers have come back together to make a statement in music and in life. originally [...]
  • Northern Quarter - EPK

    Northern Quarter formed in May 2017 and have been successfully working as a covers band, blending modern contemporary pop [...]
  • hotbrothers

    It's game night at your house. We're bringing beers and looking forward to meeting your family. Also, we're a [...]
  • Vhanto Abrian

    Vhanto Abrian is an Indonesian guitarist, performer & composer. Mainly focus on instrumental genre. Vhanto was influenced [...]
  • ahaComa

    Charlotte-based duo, ahaComa are the originators of a musical genre called, "American Daydream Music". From a [...]
  • Decay

    Reminiscent of early Title Fight & Basement, Decay perfectly blend emo with a tinge of grunge rock. “Decay is the new [...]
  • Borodino

    Brisbane-based alternative rock band Borodino bring a unique sound mixing psychedelic rock and grunge with a sprinkle of [...]
  • Harry Says Hello

    NYC based rock band that believes songs still matter. Harry Says Hello was founded in 2018 when Robert Bomgardner talked his [...]
  • LEFT

    With songs about Snapchat filters, narcissism, toxic masculinity, Piers Morgan and, er, terrifying children with the image of [...]
  • C Shorty

    “Hear my words, that actions speak. I never knew how good it could be.” Atlanta based C Shorty bring their hook ladened modern [...]
  • Saga City

    From the product of the baby boomers, their foundations are macerated with the grit and punch of artists riding the radio waves [...]
  • Pen My Legacy

    Formed in March of 2018 by vocalist Steve Goula and drummer Josh Bailey. The band went through several lineup changes until [...]