EPK Builder is an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) builder/music website builder for bands, musicians and other creative artists.

EPK Builder is a labour of love of one person (me, Will). I'm a web developer based in London and started EPK Builder to help new bands and musicians starting out in the music industry.

By using EPK Builder you will be supporting an independent web developer and hopefully I can return the favour and support your music career.

Your music needs to be heard. You need to be booked. I want EPK Builder to help you progress in your music career.

Will, developer/founder of EPK Builder

Will, developer/founder of EPK Builder

EPK features

  • Total followers - Connect your EPK to your social media profiles and show off your social media reach.
  • Easy-to-edit - Super easy-to-edit on mobile, tablet and desktop. If you disagree, please tell me why. I am constantly striving to improve the UI.
  • Contact form - Add a contact form and your email address with no hassle. I want to encourage promoters to book your band today.
EPK Features screen shot. Artist: JB

EPK Features screen shot. Artist: JB

EPK examples

I appreciate if you're just starting out on your music career you might not know what to include in your EPK. Since launching mid 2019 over 300 EPKs have been created. Here are some featured EPKs to inspire you:

Ali Shaw, Sam Tucker, Nicole Rose, Sharrol Kelby, Producer/DJ, Traveller, Archie Norris, Kid Kong Official, Vive Worship, Hip Hop Artist: Tae Roads

View more EPK examples

EPK example -Sam Tucker

EPK example. Artist: Sam Tucker

Website plan

To create an EPK it's 100% FREE. However, to use advanced EPK features and the website builder you need to pay a small monthly fee to support this site. Hopefully you will find EPK Builder "cheaper" and "easier-to-use" than the big name alternatives.

You can cancel anytime. And if you need to cancel for any reason, I can archive your website, ready for you to reactivate any time. Just let me know before cancelling to request this.

View the demo page to see how your music website could look.

Website features include gigs calendar, songs page, gallery page and custom domain just to name a few. Head over to the pricing page to view a full list of features.

Music website builder screen shot

Music website builder screen shot